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From the original post in Pueblo Nuevo netlabel.

Review: Miniatura + Remixes (EP) by C/VVV

“After 2 years since the award-winning debut album “Todo no es Todo“, the audio-visual collective C/VVV is once again sending out signals with this EP called “Miniatura + remixes“, as a preview of a future album in constant evolution.

The group recorded this track at the end of 2016 in a session entirely improvised and characterized by friendly musical dialogue between its founders Mika Martini and Pablo Flores, before the latter moved to Rome, Italy. Later, that recording was complemented by the sonic input of the person writing this review (Francisco Pinto), with contributions to this new exploration that follow emotional and playful pathways.

The mission in this project is simple and without much pretense. This adventure combines different sounds and small details built with almost 100% analog technology, featuring sound miniatures and dancing timbres that together reveal nostalgic landscapes through a contemporary interpretive perspective. The auditory encounter nourishes the ears with these micro-sounds, synthetic textures, while, at the same time, permeating the contemplative state of its creators in those sessions produced previously.

Distinct authors from the national electronic scene construct / deconstruct this new work, with their distinct perspectives and remix contributions: “Unknown Dancer” with a random re-mixing of the same ingredients that reveals surprising results; René Roco adding mystery, surrealism and complexity to his version; “co-dec” moving towards the most rhythmic approach, providing new synthetic sounds but without losing the details; and ending with “android” with a very successful, danceable and elegant transformation of this miniature. Finally, we cannot fail to mention the contribution of Iñaki Muñoz for the cover of the EP, who always surprises us with the expressive power of his visuals in the concerts of C/VVV.

We continue to prepare ourselves for a new adventure in a random universe, which inspires us from time to time, bringing us together and surprising us, even in spite of the distances.

Wish us good luck and good harvest.”

Francisco Pinto
(Santiago, Chile. Mayo / May, 2018)

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Miniatura + remixes

Track list and credits

Track 1: “Miniatura (C/VVV Versión Original)”
Pablo Flores: Elektron Machinedrum.
Mika Martini: Korg MS-10 / Moog Minitaur + Doepfer darktime.
Francisco Pinto: Yamaha CS-20m.
Grabado y mezclado por Mika Martini en Estudios Pueblo Nuevo, entre octubre de 2016 y abril de 2017 / Recorded and mixed by Mika Martini at Estudios Pueblo Nuevo, between october 2016 and april 2017.

Track 2: “Miniatura (Unknown Remix)”
Producido por / Produced by Unknown Dancer. |

Track 3: “Miniatura (René Roco Remix)”
Producido por / Produced by René Roco.

Track 4: “Miniatura (Arrival Remix)”
Producido por / Produced by co-dec (Patricio González Cruz).

Track 5: “Miniatura (Bop Beep Bop Version)”
Producido por / Produced by android (Cristian Reyes).

Arte de la portada por / Cover art by Iñaki Muñoz.
Serie “Historias Conjuntas Conjugadas en Conjuros” (2013).

Producción General y Diseño por / General Production and Design by Mika Martini.

Masterizado por / Mastered by René Roco.